Friday, December 7, 2012

The Spirit of Giving

I think I've already mentioned that I have been extra into Christmas this year.  I've been so excited to decorate and to buy gifts and I am trying not to forget just how lucky my family is to be able to truly enjoy the upcoming holidays.  Not everyone is so fortunate and the work that I do is a pretty good reminder of that.  Each year we gather lists of gift suggestions for our clients and their children.  We rely on the generosity of others who call and request a family to adopt for gift help.  For many of our clients, we are really their only chance at providing their children with gifts.  I know that's not what Christmas is about, but try telling that to a child.  Many of our clients are newly on their own, possibly adjusting to a new home and life without the support of a partner.  I think that the help we provide this time of year takes away a bit of their stress and aids them in providing their family with at least a small sense of normalcy.

Times have been hard on many people lately and it impacts our ability to help our clients.  People who call to help have been extra picky about the age groups of children they want to adopt and what types of items they are willing to buy.  Our families with older children and teens are especially getting overlooked.  I have taken three families this year with teens in hopes that, along with some help from family and friends, I can provide them with some items on their gift lists and give them a really nice Christmas.  I feel that I should clarify that no one is asking for expensive or big ticket items.  Many of my clients asked for clothing, winter accessories like hats and gloves, and gift cards so that they can buy groceries and household necessities.

The point I'm trying to make with this post is that there are so many others who are less fortunate and it really doesn't take too much to provide some help.  I'm sure there are charities or organizations in your area that could use donations or some kind of aid.  Most areas have an agency similar to ours and organizations like The Salvation Army do similar work with families this time of year.  Be grateful for what you have and pay it forward to those who need it, so they too have a chance of having happy holidays and a merry Christmas!

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