Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Crafternoon

I feel like I have been gathering supplies for this crafternoon for ages.  I knew we would be making wreaths, but I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I picked up a little bit of everything.  It's good to have options, you know.  I ended up making two tinsel wreaths.  They were easy and pretty fun and now I want to make more!  If I was confident about time, I'd make them as gifts for everyone.  I really enjoyed seeing all the different wreaths people made.  At our table alone, we had one covered in felt, one wrapped with yarn, and one covered in peppermints!  Here are mine-

So besides making wreaths, this month was also a pie party.  There were seriously so many delicious pies.  I don't think I even got to try them all!  You can see pictures on Heidi's blog.  I brought a spinach pie and a cannoli pie and Don was sweet enough to make me a chocolate marshmallow cheesecake to bring along too.  Yum!  I plan on sharing recipes for the pies and the cheesecake if Don will give it up.  I forgot to take a picture of my finished spinach pie, so you'll just have to imagine it.  It was delicious! 

I also made up goody bags for everyone filled with Christmas candy and some vintage gift tags and seals.  Don helped with those too.  He should probably be the one going to these crafternoons! 

A few months ago, we started doing a white elephant gift exchange.  This is the type of exchange where you can steal gifts away from others.  Everyone brings something thrifted or handmade that cost $10 or less.  I got to pick pretty early and I went for the one with the prettiest wrapping.  As pretty as the wrapping was, the gifts inside were even better!  I spent the rest of the exchange nervous that someone would steal my gift.  I'm pretty sure I didn't make eye contact, in hopes everyone would just sort of forget about my gift.  That's so silly, I know, but it worked!  I think everyone always brings great gifts, so I would have been happy with anything really, but check out what I ended up with!  The recipe box even has some random recipes in it from whomever owned it previously.  There was also some Toblerone chocolate in my gift, but I've already started eating that, so no pictures!

Heidi is seriously so amazing for hosting these crafternoons.  I can't imagine the time and effort she puts into preparing for these get togethers and I am forever thankful that she continues to invite me.  They're always so much fun and full of great people.  There were so many great people this time that there had to be multiple little tables of four.  On each table, besides super cute Christmas tablecloths and decorations, were pretty little glitter-filled bell jar ornaments that Heidi had made for everyone.  Thanks again, Heidi!


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  1. your wreaths turned out great! WHAT? I should have stolen that gift, but I was being nice...sometimes it doensn't pay. :()