Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Collections - Cats & Dogs

It's been so long since I've shared any collections or thrift/antique finds!  I haven't really had any recent thrift finds.  I don't hit up any shops as often as I used to.  I got to this point where I started to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I'd accumulated, so lately I've been giving a lot of thought to thinning things out and just really focusing on a few collections that are extra special.  I actually started with our books and filled several boxes.  It felt really good!  This is a collection I think is super cute, but is on my list to get rid of, so I thought I'd share it while it's still around!


  1. so cute! i have lots of dog and cat stuff too. i'm in love with those black poodles on the top left, can i call dibs if you decide to sell them??

    1. Those poodles are definitely the cutest in my collection! You can definitely have dibs when I let them go!