Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lady Links

I didn't want this week's posts to just be wishlists, because although they're super fun to do, I like to get a little serious sometimes.  Okay, not very often, but I can get pretty serious about issues that are important to me.  I did a lot of online searching for "female empowerment" and "girl power" hoping to find something interesting to share.  Here's a bit of what I found-

The Annotated Wisdom of Amy Poehler -You didn't really think this list would be all serious, did you?  Amy Poehler is smart and funny and pretty damn amazing!

Empowering Books For Girls -Really I think this list could just also be called good books for everyone!  There are quite a few on the lists that I love!
This organization is an offshoot of Soroptimist, a volunteer organization that helps women.  What I love about Live Your Dream is that you can choose which cause you want to support and do volunteer work based on how much time you have.  You can do something as simple as sharing a link on Facebook or as grand as starting your own awareness campaign.  It's definitely a site I will be visiting again!

Do I even need to say anything else about my love for Girl Scouts?  The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has a great site and is definitely worth checking out! 

5 Organizations that Empower Women -If you can get past the annoying little sidebar, this list has links to some pretty cool organizations!

Feminist Taylor Swift is a pretty funny Twitter account that changes up the lyrics to the pop star's songs.  You can even buy prints, like the one above, here.

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