Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Prepared

The title of this post is the motto of the Girl Scouts.  I was a Brownie, but I never made it to the Girl Scouts.  Maybe that's why I have a bit of an obsession with all things Girl Scout.  I did a post on the few vintage scout items I have which you can find here.  There is a ton of cute vintage Girl Scout and Brownie memorabilia, but these items are my favorite.  Dear hubby, if you are reading this, click the description at the bottom of each picture to purchase the item for your sweet wife!  Hehe!!

Brownie Scout Camera

This is the Brownie version, but the Girl Scout version is even cuter.  It's a lovely minty green, but seems to be harder to come by. 

Girl Scout Paper Doll
I love that this paper doll has uniforms from all around the world.  She's super cute!  The price of this particular one is insane, but there are some more affordable Girl Scout paper dolls on eBay.

Terri Lee Girl Scout Doll
I just adore this sweet doll!  I've seen a few with different hair colors and there is one in a Brownie uniform too.  I think this may be my favorite thing on the list!

Brownie bank
How fun is this little bank?!  I don't remember anything this cute when I was a Brownie!

1941 Girl Scout catalog
I would so love to flip through this 40 page catalog!  You can see a few of the pages in the listing.  They're great!

Brownie handkerchief
I've seen a few different Brownie and Girl Scout handkerchiefs and they're all pretty adorable!  I love the colors on this one!

Girl Scout figurines
Right now all my scout books are on a shelf in my craft room.  I would love to have these beauties to sit beside them!

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