Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Prettiest Little Church

Don and I celebrated our anniversary, way back in June, with a little day trip to the beach.  I've always loved the drive there, lots of farms and little fruit stands and so many different ways to actually reach the destination.  The GPS took us a new way this time and, when we passed the most lovely little brick church, I made Donnie turn around and go back.  
 Isn't it beautiful?  This is the Bridgetown Methodist Church.  You can read about some of its history  on this form from the Maryland Historical Trust and see a few older photos of the building.
 Many of the graves were too worn to be read.  There were even some headstones in plant growing in  the background.
 How's this for a final resting place?!  It was so peaceful on the day we stopped and there was a  wonderful slight breeze.  
 The two headstones above belong to a married couple.  From what I've found online, the weeping willow symbolizes mourning and grief.  I'm always fascinated by the meanings of symbols used on headstones.  This site has a pretty extensive list of symbols and their meanings.
This sign in front of the church shows just how old this lovely spot really is!

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