Monday, August 14, 2017

Let's Try This Again, Part II

I'm spending this evening looking through old photos and listening to the playlist below, in hopes I can get myself into blogging.  I really do miss it, but sometimes laziness wins.  Fine, laziness almost always wins.  I should probably cut myself a little slack, though.  I work full time and I have two kiddos I like to hang out with and I have friends with whom I occasionally make plans.  I do have time for other things I love, like blogging and creating, but most evenings naps and silly games on my phone win over those other things.  So I just need to try a little harder and get a little better at distributing my time and, actually, this playlist is kind of doing its job.  Spotify made this one for me and they did a good job of mixing new to me stuff with bands I already love, so have a listen and get some work done yourself!

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