Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Harrisburg Doll Museum

No one really makes a fuss of your birthday once you become an adult, but I think birthday adventures are a must, no matter your age.  This year, Heidi and I headed to Harrisburg to visit what I'm thinking is my future, a museum full of dolls!  The Harrisburg Doll Museum was something I just stumbled upon online while searching for fun things to do and I am so glad I did.  The museum is run by the sweetest lady.  There's a small shop in the front and then the museum itself is split into rooms of a house, each housing different styles of dolls.  There's also an ice cream parlor that can be rented for parties.  If you are ever in the area, this place is so worth a visit!
 This is the first "room" of the museum and houses the oldest dolls in the collection.  You can see two seriously adorable dolls in the mirror.  Hehe!  These dolls aren't typically my style, but I can certainly appreciate their beauty. 
 The collection of mascot dolls was just amazing!  I am so on the hunt for a Seltzer's Bologna doll for Heidi, after seeing it in this display.
 A lot of the fun for me was spotting dolls that I own and making mental notes of dolls to add to my collection.  See the Nancy and Sluggo dolls towards the center?  My grandma has the Nancy and I'm always on the lookout for the matching Sluggo.
 This is the ice cream parlor and it was filled with my very first doll love, Barbie.  This room is filled with so many dolls I remember from my childhood.
 The bathroom was full of so many cuties!
 These are currently my holy grail of dolls, wooden Girl Scouts!  I managed to find one old eBay listing online, but no luck finding any actually for sale yet.
As if this place was meant for us, there was a whole display of Scouting dolls, you know I love all things vintage Girl Scouts, right next to a display of nun dolls, something Heidi collects and loves!

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