Thursday, August 27, 2015

We've Got Ourselves a Kindergartner!

Yesterday marked a week since school began and my not so little guy became a student.  Despite my last post, the first day was mostly tear-free and painless.  Mostly.  Oscar was hesitant to leave me once we got to his classroom, but his teacher was great at helping to speed up the goodbye and getting him right into an activity.  He's been bringing home a book each day that we read together in the evening and then he gets to fill out a little journal entry with a picture and sentence about the book.  We read before bedtime, but it's nice to have some extra story time!  He also brings home pictures he colors, letters he's practiced writing, and a little calendar that's color coded based on his behavior.  We've had greens (Way to go!) so far and even a blue (Role model), so I think it's going well!  It must still be a bit much for him to process, because he seems to forget what he did by the time I get home from work and ask about his day.  To be honest, Oscar, it's still a bit much for me to process that I actually have a kindergartner now!

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