Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My recent trip to Brimfield was pretty darn amazing, so much so that I've already started thinking about going back next September for a week!  We started the trip off at a vintage and antique textile and clothing show that is always held the day before the antique show starts.  I really wish I could do a blog post on the lovely vintage clothing items and quilts we saw there, but there was a rule against photographs and sketches.  That last bit is really weird.  Do people go to these kind of things to draw? I was super disappointed that I couldn't take any photos, but I'm not really a rule breaker.  There really were some gorgeous pieces for sale, but most of the items were really way out of my price range.  The very first dress I saw was $400!  I'm thinking this show is meant for some serious collectors.  I think we were all a bit put off by the show, because aside from the prices, the person at the door made sure to tell us right away that July is the smallest show of the year.  We got some similar comments from the various dealers and a few were really not so friendly.  I guess I should expect a certain level of snobbery from people selling clothing for hundreds of dollars, especially towards little old me in my clearance Target dress and worn out Tom's.  I did manage to find a bargain, though, an adorable lucite dog brooch for $5!  But I left the show wondering if it was a preview of the prices and attitudes we'd encounter during the rest of the week.

So without knowing what to expect, we arrived extra early for the first day of the antique show pulling our little old lady shopping carts and ready to shop!  It's really hard to properly describe the sheer scale of this show, other than to say it's really really big. My best analogy is to compare it to our nearby Antietam Battlefield.  For you locals, imagine that battlefield just full of rows and rows of tents and tables overflowing with nearly any vintage and antique item imaginable.  Much to my joy, many items were not only reasonably priced, they were a downright bargain!  Almost all of the sellers were friendly and willing to barter.  And did I mention that there are more food options than any carnival, mall food court, or local festival I've ever attended?  That's important to mention, because vintage shopping really works up an appetite!
We managed to browse all of the fields and buildings in two days, but I think stretching things out would be really nice.  We definitely felt pretty tired by mid-afternoon, but it was nice to get there early when the weather was mild and there didn't seem to be much of a crowd.  I'll be back tomorrow with more on the antique show and the antique shops in the area.  Oh and my purchases!


  1. It looks amazing! I'm glad you ended up having fun.

  2. Brimfield is on my bucket list someday. Someday!

  3. i seriously just tried to price flights for going to this in may. it seems pretty amazing!