Monday, June 1, 2015

Musical Monday

I like Miley Cyrus.  It feels good admitting that.  I know she makes an ass of herself sometimes, but so does every other twenty-two year old.  There just isn't a constant barrage of cameras to catch everyone else's dumb behavior.  Put that aside, though, and what you have is a really compassionate young lady with one hell of a voice, a voice she not only uses to speak out for those who aren't usually heard, but also a voice that sounds pretty darn amazing.  I remember finding her Backyard Sessions last year and being really impressed, but this year's blew me away.  She gets some help from two other bad ass women, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Joan Jett, and covers everyone from Dido to Paul Simon.  

These are two of my favorite videos from the sessions.  You can check out the rest of them here. When you're finished listening and hopefully being as impressed as I was, check out the non profit Miley recently started, The Happy Hippie Foundation.

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