Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Red Run Lodge

I've blogged about these cabins before, twice to be exact, but I keep being drawn back to them.  Driving past them recently, we realized they seem much more noticeable than previously.  I suppose maybe it's the change in the seasons, the trees haven't quite bloomed yet and are mostly still without leaves.  In past times, I've gone alone, but this time Donnie and the boys (and two stuffed dogs) came along.  

The property that houses these cabins is currently for sale.  I'd like to think that someone will purchase it and meticulously restore these cabins to their former glory using old photographs and souvenir postcards. I think the reality is that even if the property sells anytime soon, these cabins will likely be destroyed.  I actually found an old postcard online, to give you an idea of how amazing this area used to look.  You can view my other posts about this property here and here. And if you have a spare half million dollars, you should consider buying this property.  I would be happy to help with the restoration process!
All of the cabins are starting to really fall into disrepair.  Since my last visit, this one has lost a rear wall.
The remains of the curtains hint at the cabin's former beauty.
My little dudes and their dogs were great brave explorers!
Even in its current state, this cabin is adorable!
I wanted there to be treasure inside.  I don't think this old bed counts.
This cabin was my favorite!  It was a bath house with two sides, presumably one for men and one for women.  This side still had a little pink plastic soap dish and the remains of the prettiest shower curtains.


  1. I love this and agree - super cute!

  2. those shower curtains! i would have loved to see them when they were in use!