Monday, March 23, 2015

Musical Monday

Modest Mouse is always good, so I was excited to hear some new songs from the band.  The fact that fire is in the title of this song is pretty fitting for me right now.  We spent most of last week comforting Oscar over an intense fear of fire, specifically roofs and buildings catching on fire. When I say intense, I mean it.  This poor kid was ready to never leave our house for fear that a fire would start in whatever location he was visiting and anytime we did leave the house, he was worried that our house was on fire while we were away. It was definitely an exhausting week full of hugs, sharing our own fears, and trying to convey to Oscar that fears are normal and that fear itself can be a good thing.  At the time, I wasn't sure any of it was working. He would work himself into such an anxious state and was pretty irrational most of the time, thinking his grandparents wouldn't like him if he cried, worrying about other things happening to our house like bad guys getting in, and just crying at the drop of a hat.  He seems to have worked most of out, though, so now there is just an occasional mention of being afraid of fire.  I just tell him I know and that it's okay to be afraid of things, then he goes about his day.  This gives me a hunch that we are probably going to have to deal with some anxiety in the future, but I feel pretty well equipped to handle that and I never mind giving my little guy lots of extra hugs!  Happy Monday, y'all!

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