Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lake Ashby

During a scenic drive last week, we came upon Lake Ashby Park.  We actually came to Lake Ashby first, but it was just a boat ramp with no actual place to really enjoy the lake.  I think my brother knew of Lake Ashby Park and had possibly visited before, but he had no idea that the park had access to the actual lake. The park was in a lovely wooded area and we found a sign directing us to the lake.  It took us to a leaf-covered wooded path that eventually led to a boardwalk.  The boardwalk circled around a side of the lake and back into a swampy area and the woods.  There were signs posted along the trail identifying the various trees and plants and, although it was mostly quiet, I imagine the park is home to lots of critters.  I think my favorite park was seeing my brother's excitement over this hidden gem just minutes from his home.  I could see him imagining future outings and fishing trips to the park.  I can't wait to hear what he catches from the boardwalk over the lake!

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