Monday, February 24, 2014

Musical Crush - Ted Leo

I'm sure I've included Ted Leo & The Pharmacists on previous playlists, because this is one of my serious music crushes.  He deserves his own music post, though.  Have you ever stumbled upon a band or musician and just instantly fell in love and wondered how you had gone so long without ever listening to their music?  That was me with Ted Leo!  He's played with a lot of different bands and even most recently teamed up with Aimee Mann.  They have a CD coming out in April!  I'm partial to him playing with The Pharmacists, because they formed in D.C., a place I absolutely love.    We've been fortunate enough to see them live in D.C. a few times and they always but on an amazing show!  I could probably swoon over Ted Leo for a few more paragraphs, because I haven't even mentioned that he lives in an old school house or that he's intelligent and outspoken, but instead I'll leave you with some videos of cover songs.  You know I love some good covers too!

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