Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On The Boardwalk

We recently took the boys on a surprise weekend trip to the beach and as much as they enjoyed it, I think I may have enjoyed it the most.  I love visiting the place where I spent so much of my childhood and getting to experience with my own children.  Much of the area has changed in recent times, though, and it's so busy and built up.  I still manage to get really nostalgic during visits and I think what helps with those warm fuzzy memories are seeing things that have managed to resist the change and growth.  The boardwalk at Rehoboth has a lot of examples of that and I wanted to share a few.  I wish I had taken more photos there, but we only visited for an evening.
How adorable is the logo for Sharkey's?!   
 I think the Dolle's sign is one of the most recognizable icons of Rehoboth.  That place has been there since the 1920s!
 These are the windows at Dolle's.  The old fonts are so great!
So Louie's really holds such a special place in my teenage heart.  There was a summer where my friend Allison and I would take the bus to the boardwalk every night, my skateboard in tow and both of wearing ridiculously baggy jeans.  We ate pizza here each one of those nights and then we'd hang around and meet cute skater boys.  I think we may have been around fourteen.  I'm sure we weren't nearly as cool as we thought we were, but it was such a fun time and seeing that this place looks exactly the same reminds me of such fond memories.

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