Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bookworm - Comic Edition

It's really funny that I've only recently become obsessed with comics, because Donnie has been reading them for as long as I've known him and I remember really enjoying Archie when I was a kid and even sometimes reading my grandpa's copies of Richie Rich and Donald Duck comics.  I think I was stuck on the misconception that they are all about superheroes, even though I know they're aren't. I think what got me was regular trips to a local bookstore that also carries comics.  There were so many interesting covers with great artwork and I started picking up a few here and there.  Before you know it, I was sucked in.  Comics are one of the things that I found myself really clinging to when my anxiety was at its worst too.  They helped provide me with a temporary escape from my over-thinking brain with their great stories and illustrations and there is such a fun sense of excitement knowing the next issue is coming out.  Here are just a few of my current favorites.  Clicking the covers will take you to their Amazon listings or you can ask me to borrow my copies!

Every comic shop I've been to recently has had at least one employee who recommended Paper Girls.  I've heard it described as War of the Worlds meets The Goonies and I've seen an article comparing it to the super popular Stranger Things.  The series is about a group of paper delivery girls in the 1980s who end up discovering something pretty crazy on the day after Halloween.  I leave it up to you to find out the rest!

Lumberjanes is definitely what started my obsession.  Friendship, craftiness, girl power, summer camp, mysteries - it's got all the great things!  I seriously cannot say enough good things about this series and my gigantic Lumberjanes messenger bag is proof of my fondness.  There are a ton of issues, so I recommend buying the digests that combine several issues.  Then again, there are some seriously amazing covers, so you may want to buy some of the single issues too.

I'm not super into Batman or traditional superheroes, but I think this may have been one of the series that sucked me in with the cover art.  Olive and Maps are the characters on the cover above and students at Gotham Academy, a school started by Bruce Wayne.  This is another girl power kind of series, in case you aren't noticing a theme, and the scenes where they're exploring the school kind of remind me of Harry Potter.  If you are a Batman fan, quite a few familiar faces show up in this series.

Because Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy weren't awesome enough series on their own, they combined forces for a six part series that I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about.  I think we are up to issue four and it's great to see my favorite characters interacting with each other.

I just finished up the first volume of Plutona and I'm curious to see where the story goes.  It starts off with a group of kids finding a dead superhero in the woods by their school and is really good at giving each kid a distinct personality and story.


  1. check out saga! it is ongoing and I LOVE IT. i always wait for the volumes to come out, I think they are on 6 or 7? i'm not super into comics, but i'm in love with that one!

    1. I see that one in the shops sometimes. I will pick up a copy of the first volume the next time I see it!

  2. I'm reading a cute comic (geared towards teenage girls but like I care lol) called Jonesy. Love the art work and cute story line. I feel like I need some Lumber Janes in my life now.