Thursday, April 14, 2016

Six Years of Sweetness

My not so little Oscar recently celebrated a birthday and is now the big six.  Despite having an epidural that made me pretty darn out of it, I remember Oscar being born so well and it certainly doesn't seem like it was six years ago.  He was a happy baby and I always joke that he was born smiling.  He really was a great baby and is growing into such a neat kid.  He's incredibly compassionate, shy, and a bit of a worrier, all things I think he may have inherited from me.  He's also a lover of all things Star Wars (See below.), Legos, and wildlife, definitely his father's influence all the way. 
May my children always be impressed with my store bought cakes and mismatched decorations comprised mostly of their toys.  Seriously, though, we have so much fun with our little low key parties and the boys enjoy seeing a table full of their favorite things.  We followed up Oscar's party with the usual birthday adventure, but I will post about that tomorrow!

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