Monday, April 25, 2016

Relax & Unwind

Hey there, sweet readers.  I really need to get my blogging act together, because it's an important part of my self care and I'm still feeling that anxiety I mentioned last week.  I have had my anxiety in check for quite some time, so it's extra shitty not being in control right now and not being able to pinpoint what's causing it.  True story, I had an anxiety attack while watching Jessica Jones last week. A fictional television show that I typically enjoy triggered something in my brain that just turned me into an utter mess.  Another day, I felt the familiar tightness in my chest upon receiving a text message from a friend.  It wasn't even a negative message or someone I would dread hearing from.  It's all completely irrational and irritating as hell.  It's the worst when I'm alone with my racing thoughts, but as mentioned in that previous post, music helps to calm me down. I didn't make the playlist below, but it's perfect for listening to in the evening when I'm trying to sort of shut my brain off or at least slow it down and unwind from the busy day.  Everyone needs this sort of playlist sometimes.  

As for this anxiety nonsense, I'm really feeling over it.  I've spent a bit of time having myself a pity party, but now I'm ready to get to work on a plan to kick it's ass right out of here.  Part of that plan definitely involves music, keeping up with this blog, a whole regimen of self care, and, once I've been added to Donnie's insurance, getting myself to the doctor.  If you've made it through my rambling on about my mental state, you probably could really use this relaxing playlist.  Enjoy and remember to take care of yourself!

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