Friday, October 9, 2015

Stitch Rock 2015

When I got accepted to Stitch Rock, a show all the way in Florida, I figured I could turn it into part of a visit with my brother.  Things didn't quite work out, though.  Instead of a relaxed mini getaway and family visit, it turned into a sort of fast-paced, sleep deprived road trip.  I'm not complaining; I got to spend a whole weekend with my husband and we managed to fit in a few quick stops on the drive home.  It was a long long way to drive for a craft show, though!  We left Friday morning, stopped at a sketchy motel around 2am, and drove to the show on less than four hours of sleep.  I'm certain that caffeine and anxiety were the only things keeping me awake and functioning!
The show itself mostly took place inside an old gymnasium, with some additional booths outside under tents.  It was a pretty building and the surrounding town looked great.  I wish I had taken more photos, but I left my actual camera in the car, so you're left with bad iPhone photos.  You can see some great photos, including some of my stuff here and here.  The first photo in that second link is Amanda, the gal responsible for putting on Stitch Rock and she was absolutely lovely.  I would imagine she is easily the hardest working woman in south Florida and was super sweet!  She actually bought my very favorite Halloween girl.

There were tons of great vendors at the show, the most delicious hot dogs ever, and lots of people shopping.  I have to admit, though, there weren't a ton of people shopping at my booth. I'm not really sure that a lot of the shoppers knew exactly what to make of my space full of doll faces. I heard the word "creepy" so many times and there were lots of odd expressions and hushed whispers. I fully realize my stuff isn't for everyone and I'm okay with that, but I did have a few moments where I felt a little disappointed or insulted.  I'm sure the lack of sleep made me extra sensitive.  I shook it off really quickly, though, and the people who weren't creeped out seemed to really love my work.  There was one terribly sweet young lady who said my booth was her very favorite and this awesome guy who, after really taking in my whole booth, described my doll faces as "fucking bad ass".  He apologized for his choice of words and said he was having trouble thinking of the right thing to say, because my stuff was so great.  I loved that guy!

I nearly left out the best part of the show!  I got to meet some IG friends and fellow vendors, make a few new ones, and briefly catch up with and hug one of my very favorite friends in the whole world. Those things would have made the long drive worth it, even if I hadn't sold a single item!  I got my acceptance email to Handmade Arcade on the way to Florida, so the making madness will be starting all over again soon.  For now, though, I'm glad to be finished with this great show and able to relax and catch my breath for this week!

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  1. Glad you had a great time! I get exactly the same response at fairs, in fact I like sometimes to hide behind the stall to watch peoples faces. :0)
    You're never going to please everyone, and there are enough like minded souls out there for it not to matter, I don't get upset at all about the folk who are horrified, but my other half does.....
    Have a happy week honey xx