Wednesday, July 30, 2014

De Leon Springs

Last Wednesday, I flew to Florida to spend some time with my brother and to go to Camp Tumbleweeds.  I was so so glad to spend some time with my brother.  We don't get to see each other nearly enough and he is one of my absolute favorite people!  My flight didn't get in until the evening, so we ate dinner and caught up a bit.  Before coming, my brother had mentioned a restaurant where you make your own pancakes.  Obviously I was going to be up for that!  So Thursday morning, we made the brief drive to De Leon Springs State Park, as in Ponce De Leon.  Remember him from history class?  There is an actual springs there that looked quite refreshing and a gorgeous lake for fishing and boating, but we were not there to swim or fish. We were there for pancakes!  Beside the springs, there is an old sugar mill that has been turned into a restaurant.  There are grills on each table, along with cooking spray and several different syrups.  When you order pancakes, the waitress brings out pitchers of batter and any additions you'd like (I added bananas!) and you get right to cooking!  It was so fun and the pancakes were delicious!  You even cook your own eggs, if you order those, and you can eat all the pancakes you are able to cook.  I was stuffed after only two banana pancakes and an order of bacon, one of the few things they cook for you.  We walked around the park to let all the yummy food settle and then set off.  I'll share the rest of our day together in a later post!


  1. Make your own pancakes? Awesome!

    I just found your blog this week, via instagram, and I'm loving your style.