Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recent Finds

Our local thrift shops have been so picked over and sad lately.  A few have seriously raised their prices on anything they deem to be antique or collectible too.  The antique shops in the area have actually been a much better source for cute and affordable vintage items.  Here are few goodies I've found lately-

 I have a thing for animals with carts and wheelbarrows.  They're just somehow cuter than empty-handed animals!
 I like to think that this deer is a bit snobby and is turning her nose up at whatever I choose to put in this cute planter.  I can appreciate a little snootiness.
 See what I mean?!  He's a million times cuter than just a regular old bear!
 I rarely leave behind fun vintage cookbooks, especially when they are three for a dollar!
 I wonder if this pig would be cuter if he had a cart.  Just kidding, he's freaking adorable!
I know I recently sold about forty vintage rubber toys, but this one was a keeper!  He's front and center in my little display of vintage circus items, like an adorable furry ringmaster!


  1. Hey, I have that Chiquita book!!

  2. I firmly agree that animals + are bajillions times cuter. The top favorite planters in my collection are a chipmunk with a TV & a seal with a french horn. And the pigs on the pig jar are holding little hobo sticks btw. lol sooooo yeah, to summarize. CUTE AS HELL.

    1. Those planters sound so stinking cute!!