Wednesday, June 18, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram or have ever had a conversation with me about vintage cookware and kitchen items, you probably know that above all others, I love the Cathrineholm lotus pattern.  Sure there are lots of great vintage patterns out there, but something about this pattern has always appealed to me.  Unfortunately, it must appeal to a lot of you, because the prices for lotus pieces are usually pretty damn high for my cheap tastes!  Years ago I saw a pair of pots for $40 and I passed on them.  I'm definitely kicking myself in the ass for that now, because I'm lucky to find a tiny plate for that much!  Instagram shops have been great at enabling, um I mean helping, me to add to my small collection and I am forever hopeful that I will find some at a thrift shop one day.  Oh I feel like it's necessary to tell you readers that Cathrineholm is not a person.  That was the name of the factory that made these lovely pieces!  You can find out more on Cathrineholm Fan and find some great reproductions here.  Of course, you can always find pieces on Etsy and eBay and I'd be happy to email you my address for gifts.  Hehe!  This is my small, but much loved collection-

 The red pot is actually a Dansk, but that's an obsession for another time!
I recently got super excited about finding two lotus bowls at a local antique shop, but that quickly faded when I saw the price tag.  I got this little beauty from my favorite Instagram seller for a much more reasonable price!

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  1. You are lucky to have those, I have only seen them once and like you say - crazy prices!! Maybe someday....