Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shop Crush - A Secret Forest Patisserie

I recently started following the cutest pink-haired gal, Vanessa, on Instagram.  Her profile says sunshine & lollipops.  How could I not follow her?!  So as it turns out, Vanessa is quite the talented lady and makes incredibly beautiful lollipops.  They're nearly too beautiful to eat, but with flavors like pecan pie, rose champagne, and honeysuckle, I'm sure I could manage!  Natural ingredients like fruit and edible flowers or detailed little marzipan creations are encased in the flavored treats.  Take a look at just a small sampling of the sweets available at A Secret Forest!  I'm still trying to decide on a flavor, because they all look and sound amazing!!

Clockwise from the top, the flavors are plum, jasmine, and cherry.

These beauties are rose champagne flavored and my personal favorite, because I have a serious affinity for Marie Antoinette!

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