Thursday, May 15, 2014

Local Adventures - High Rock

At the end of a winding mountain road in Cascade, Maryland, along the Appalachian Trail, there is a beautiful overlook called High Rock. There are huge clusters of graffiti covered rocks and, at one point in time, there was a large observation tower.  If I remember correctly, it burned down long ago. If you grew up or live in the same area as I do, chances are you have been to High Rock plenty of times.  It's a popular spot for hang gliders, hikers, and people just looking for a spot to hang out.  I haven't been there in years, but the views are still just as breathtaking as ever.  I got to enjoy a bit of alone time there recently and although I am quite terrified of heights, I was able to enjoy those amazing views from a comfortable distance!
 I wasn't lying about the graffiti.  It's everywhere!
 These are the steps that lead up to the big overlook.  I actually only go as far as the next to last step!
 Can you believe that people sit right on the edge of this?!  There's actually a little metal grate right on the edge of this that you can stand on as well.  Scary as hell!
 I made my way to a more isolated area to get this view.  It was so quiet and lovely!
 I had to snap a photo of this, because my momma is Jude!  Could this be some fan art?!
 I spent most of my time off to the sides of the main rock.  It was fairly busy that day, but this area was empty. 

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