Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blythecon New York

On Saturday morning, Heidi and I caught a train to New York City for Blythecon.  I haven't been to the city since I was teenager and I've never been to a Blythecon, so I was extra excited!  We spent the long weekend shopping, eating, and exploring parts of the city.  Blythecon was on Sunday and was a really cool experience.  There were so many gorgeous dolls, tons of amazing things for sale, and a great group of fellow Blythe lovers.  I had such a great time and there was a million things we just didn't have time to fit in on this trip, so I will definitely have to visit again.  I didn't bring my actual camera along, so I apologize for the iPhone photos and few repeats from Instagram.  Now to start saving for next year's Blythecon in Seattle!

The compost cookie and cereal milk soft serve from Momofuku Milk Bar are delicious and the pimento cheese fritters from Del Frisco's in the center were my favorite!

Did I mention that it was ComicCon weekend also?  We saw lots of great costumes, but the Animal Crossing couple was the best!  We saw them at Nintendo World, along with Pikachu.  The bottom corner photo is Rockefeller Center.  The trees were so beautifully lit!

Dollies!  I only brought along one of my dolls, but all the dolls in the right corner belong to one person!  She had three tables full of dolls!  Crazy, right?!  The center dolls were door prizes.  I was really hoping for Eloise, the sweet blond with the red bow, but I ended up winning a lovely outfit instead.

 We shopped at Toy Tokyo before heading home and snapped some pics of the cool store front before it opened.

I got to meet quite a few cool people this weekend, including the super talented Mab Graves and a sweet gal who reads my blog and stopped to say hello.  That totally made my day!  It really was an awesome weekend and I'm having trouble settling back into the work grind, but I am happy to be home with my family.  I'll show off some of my weekend purchases in a later post!

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  1. I had never even heard of a Blythe doll until I started reading your blog. That must have been so exciting and fun for you!