Wednesday, June 26, 2013

America's Coolest Small Town

Whenever we travel, I love to pick up tons of brochures for area attractions.  One of the brochures we picked up from our hotel lobby was for Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz.  Besides being full of delicious chocolate treats, their shop is also a museum of sorts.  It was free and involved chocolate, so it was a pretty obvious choice.  Their chocolate was delicious and I loved looking at the old chocolate molds and paraphernalia.  I'm so glad we decided to go, because I really fell in love with this little town!  Lititz was voted America's coolest small town and we could see why.  There were so many adorable shops full of local art, gifts, and vintage treasures, sweet little eateries, beautiful architecture, and a really lovely park.  I bought the most amazing quilt at one of the shops, which I will share in a later post, and we ate lunch at Tomato Pie Cafe.  I highly recommend their namesake!  One of the shop owners told me that the town has a second Friday celebration that I think we will be returning for!

They actually had tomatoes growing on their patio and in window boxes.
So delicious!
lemon bar and strawberry basil white chocolate cupcake
It really is a cool little town!
Even their crosswalks are adorable!
I loved this little food stand and the prices were so cheap!

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