Monday, May 6, 2013

Musical Monday

I can only listen to the radio for so long, because I guess I'm a little snobby about music sometimes.  I spend most of the time in my car listening to NPR and mix CDs and wishing my iPod would work again.  When I do listen to the radio, it's a station that plays mostly catchy pop songs.  Those are okay sometimes, but those aren't the songs that have stuck with me.  The ones that I go home and download are usually ballads.  Here are two that I've been really into lately-

 I think there's something a bit haunting about this song and the video.  I think I listen and watch this through the eyes of an advocate, because I can very much see the similarities between Rihanna and some of the emotions of the women I work with.

Nate Ruess can do no wrong in my book.  I've had a love for this guy since seeing him play barefoot with The Format years ago (See aforementioned snob comment).  Pink is pretty damn fierce, if you ask me, so of course I would love a duo between these too!

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