Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Hello!  I've had a busy long weekend celebrating my birthday, which fell on Memorial Day this year.  I don't usually have a party, but this year I decided I wanted to have a small backyard barbecue where everyone could build their own s'mores and kabobs.  It was a lot of fun and I felt so lucky to spend the evening with a few of my lovely friends!

There were lots of veggies for kabobs.  We had some shrimp and chicken sausage too.  Yum!

 Here's the good stuff!  Loads of goodies for s'mores!

I made up this little menu of suggestions.

So in addition to the kabobs, we had chicken chili, carrots, pita & potato chips, dip, hummus, and some yummy zucchini wraps that Jessica brought.

 Here are all the s'mores ingredients spread out.  There were so many possibilities!

 It ended up getting chilly in the evening, so we were glad for the fire and I think my guests were happy that we have a lot of quilts and afghans!

Here's one of my s'mores- granola thins, strawberries, milk chocolate, and a regular marshmallow.

My messiest (and one of the cutest) party guest!

 Page brought me these delicious German chocolate cupcakes.  She asked ahead of time what my favorite cake was, because she is the sweetest damn thing ever!

Look at all these amazing gifts from friends!!  I feel so spoiled!


  1. There's those German chocolate cupcakes again!! I could eat one right about now!!

    Love to see all that Pyrex!

    1. Sorry to keep rubbing in the yummy cupcakes, Jill! It was so nice to be able to use all my Pyrex and vintage dishes!