Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello again, Monday!

I've settled back into my regular routine, after being in Baltimore for most of last week.  The conference was really amazing.  I am really passionate about my work and it was inspiring to see so many people who share or even surpass that passion and are doing really great things.  I came away from it all sort of wanting to run away and work with some of the people who were there as speakers and giving trainings.  I'll probably do some future posts on some of the agencies and work I learned about, but today is about music.  I'm not really a very organized or routine kind of person, so it's a big deal that this one small thing is consistent.  Since I'm still without an iPod, I've been making myself mix CDs for in my car, so I've been trying to find some new music to add to those mixes.  Here are a few of the songs I've found recently that I've really liked.  As always, enjoy!

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