Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hello there!  Long time no blog!  I would love to say that I've been off having super exciting adventures, but really I've just been busy with the normal life stuff.  Oh, there have been good tv shows too!  The point is I've gotten a bit distracted from blogging, which is sad, because I really love doing it.  So I'm back!  I missed my favorite day, Musical Monday, though, so I'm cheating and making today Musical Tuesday!

I've been watching an Australian show called Slide while I workout and while it's no match for my beloved Skins, it's decent and there's some good music featured during each episode.  All the bands on today's playlist appear on the show.  Maybe the music was the best part of Slide, since it only made it for one season!  Enjoy the playlist and if you're interested in watching the show, you can find all ten episodes on Netflix!

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