Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recent Finds

The thrift stores have been a bit disappointing lately, but I've managed to find a few treasures.  Some of these finds are from some antique stores my grandparents took me to a few weeks ago.  I love finding new shops!  Anyone else have any good finds lately? 

Hooray for after Christmas finds!

I've been looking for a little house shelf for ages!

Donnie says this hobo may be his least favorite thing I've brought home, but I think he's sweet!

monkey planter

crafteroon gifts I decided to keep instead

My first Valentine planter, but probably not my last!

I love this giant Fireking casserole!!

pretty blue bowls

Hey, doll face!

There's a pig on the other side, but he's not as cute as the bear!

This little jar ended up being  part of my gift for the crafternoon.


  1. oh my gosh the hobo clown haha, he is cute though! I love the first santa and then OMG the crafternoon gifts you kept are freaking fantastic!! Do you want me to keep an eye out for house shelves? I see them some time...

    1. If you ever see any cute house shelves, let me know! I feel like I always see ones that are more country decor and not my style. I almost didn't get those little mice. I'm glad I decided to keep them!