Friday, January 25, 2013

Collections ~ Paper Dolls

I've loved paper dolls for as long as I can remember.  I think I inherited that love from my mother, who used to make her own.  As I grew out of playing with them, I still found myself being drawn to them and my collection quickly grew.  I recently pulled them all out of my attic and really enjoyed looking through them all.  I had forgotten how beautiful some of them are and how many I actually have!  I was thinking of breaking this post up into parts, but I'm just going to post everything I got photographed earlier this week.  Oscar helped me sort through my collection and lay them all out for photos.  He even used his mini toy camera to take photos too!  This post is pretty image-heavy and it isn't even my whole collection, so maybe there will be a part two in the future.

I'm not sure if these are actually famous actresses, but they are very glamorous!

I really want this outfit in my size!

The cutest little squirrel family ever!

Blondie & Dagwood (Does anyone know the name of the little girl?)

These dolls' costumes are very Mad Men!

Sally and Sue will play with you

The bigger girl's poor head has been taped back on.  These are my biggest dolls!

These belonged to my mom and were my favorite to play with!

She also belonged to my mom, who put many of her dolls into a photo album.

Veronica.  My mom traced this doll to make her own and then made her own costumes for them!

These are probably my very favorite.  Each girl has Rose in her name.

Look at all these great costumes and outfits!!

Again, I want these in my size!!
These were mine when I was a little girl!

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

I love this little girl's haircut.  She's so sweet!

This is June Allyson, who you may recognize from Depends commercials!

Two Sandra Dees!

This is one of my older books and is full of gorgeous dresses!

Patriotic Paper Dolls
Even the boxes are adorable!

I spent so a lot of time playing with these.  I have She-Ra too, but sadly her head is missing!

I have a second set of these that are actually cut out.

Archie & The Gang

Groovy Costumes

The best helper ever!

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