Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What a Journey!

I completely missed my blog's birthday, but on the 2nd of this month, this little blog turned 3!  I can't believe it's been that long and I feel like it's a good time to look back and reflect on how much things have changed since I started.  I was scrolling back through old posts, when I came to this one from September 6th, 2012.  This post explains sort of why I started blogging to begin with and where I was at personally during that time.  Fast forward to early September 2015 and the same doctor's office I mentioned in that old post, the one where I unloaded on my poor sweet doctor.  At this check up, though, I was able to speak candidly with my doctor about how happy I've been and being back in that room reminded me of my journey to get where I am now.  I went from this sad girl who had lost her glow to this seriously bubbly strong woman.  That doesn't mean I don't have bad days, but I have learned some better ways of coping with them and the stress in my life.  The depression in that old post did get worse and there was a time when I stopped doing all of those things that helped me stay healthy.  I eventually got back on track with the help of counseling, medication, and an amazing amount of support and hard work.  I am probably the happiest and most healthy I've ever been.  I've even been able to stop the medication and counseling, although I wouldn't hesitate to pick either or both back up if I needed the help.  I'm always a bit of a work in progress, but I have to say that I've made some great strides since starting this blog.  Here's to many more happy years of sharing with you all!
This makeup-less late night iPhone selfie in a poorly lit bathroom is really the perfect depiction of just how happy I feel these days!  

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