Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Recent Vintage Finds

A lot of my finds recently have been Christmas gifts, so I can't really share them here.  I feel like the thrift shops have been a bit picked over lately and sometimes the antique store prices are just too high for a cheapskate like me, but I've managed to find some goodies.  It has been extra exciting to start seeing Christmas items out in the shops, so hopefully I'll have some new decorations this year!

You're probably wondering what the hell this crazy thing is supposed to be, aren't you?  Well clearly it's a pretty onion lady!  It's also something I just couldn't leave behind!  I actually have two similar decorations for Easter, so she fits in well.

I think it's pretty well known by now that I have a weakness for old toys.  I especially love old rubber toys.  I think these little guys were supposed to be $1.50 each, but the girl at the register gave them all to me for that price.  They're hanging out in some recent Pyrex finds from the same thrift shop.

 I've had my eye on one of these Fisher Price irons for awhile, but they're usually a little higher than I like to pay.  This one is a bit sad and missing most of the decals, so it was cheap, but it still plays music when you roll it along.

 Again, I'm a sucker for old toys!  I do seem to have a serious fondness for musical ones.  Oscar and Ben seem to have inherited that same fondness, because this sees a lot of action in our house!

 I actually found this cake carrier awhile ago and it was the second one I saw that day.  The first one was $12, but I found this identical one at another shop for $3!

So I know I said I am a cheapskate, but sometimes I will pay a little extra for something I really want.  I love these Dansk pots, so when I saw this one at an antique store, I knew it was coming home with me if it was reasonably priced.  Everything in the booth was on sale, so I think I ended up paying about $30.  That means it cost more than the combined price of everything else in this post, but it's so worth it.  Can't you just smell the soups cooking in this lovely pot all winter long?!


  1. My local collectible shop has the Fisher Price musical iron, I had never seen one before.

    What can a person say about the onion girl except that it's different! Hah!!

    Talking about being a cheapskate, I have buyers remorse after seeing a blue knee hugger when I was away on the weekend, I have only bought knee huggers at thrift store prices and that one was $10, I should have bought it, it was so different. I called the shop yesterday, it was sold and not to me!! Lesson learned!!

    1. I love your description of the onion girl! Haha!! I recently bought my first knee hugger. They're always so expensive, but I found one for $3!

  2. A girl after my own heart. Our little family scours the shelves of the thrift stores we visit for the vintage treasures. I'll say you found great stuff. I love love the iron.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thrift stores are such fun, aren't they?!