Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Every Day Really Is A Holiday

Did you know that today is National Shortbread Day and a whole host of other holidays?!  I got a notification yesterday from an educational app I downloaded for the boys that informed me it was National Bird Day.  I would have done a post on that, but yesterday's post was already finished. Anyway, that led me to googling, "Is every day a holiday?"  That brought me to this fun little site, Checkiday.Com, and leads me to believe that, yes, every day is a holiday.  Oscar is a huge fan of planning celebrations, so I will definitely referring back to the site for fun ideas  To celebrate this special day, here is a link to a whole list of shortbread recipes!  The photo below is also from the link. Now go treat yourself to some delicious shortbread and sit close to a loved one, because it's also Cuddle Up Day!

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